Temporary CCTV & Internet

Whether you need outdoor Wi-Fi or a temporary wired internet access for your event, then we can provide it.  It could be that you need internet in a main building or office that does not have access to telephone lines or you could be having a pop up event in the middle of no-where,  where having a fast internet connection may be vital for both your operations and for your guests – we have solutions for this.

HDAV can utilise many different technology’s to provide you with data links and can guarantee connection no matter where in the UK your event is being held.

Our temporary CCTV systems are ideal for building Sites, closed buildings, Festivals and anywhere you need CCTV for short periods of time, starting from a couple days up to unlimited preiods. We can couple this with our temporary internet providing you 24/7 off site remote monitoring via PC and mobile apps

Temporary Services we provide

  • 3G/4G internet
  • Satellite broadband.
  • Up to 10km Point-to-Point Wi-Fi carrier class links.
  • CCTV & ANPR.
  • Temporary guest Wi-Fi
  • Limited & no mains power solutions

Recent Installs

At HDAV we serve both the commercial and domestic sectors, specialising in Wi-Fi & Data, TV & CCTV systems. View our recent installations to find out about our latest jobs…

Wiring and connecting a client’s office with 208 individual data access points back to a central server rack using Cat6 cabling

Wiring 9 flats with a commercial TV system enabled for Sky Q and high definition distribution

Supply and installation of projector and large screen in school hall. Also installation of 65in interactive touch screen