Coffee shops & Activity centers

Cafes, Coffee Shops & Activity Centres are the ideal locations for our Social Wi-Fi. Providing free Wi-Fi is standard today, whilst people drink their coffees and check their social media or check those emails, you as a business owner and WiFi provider can be capturing data that will help you effectively target repeat customers in the future

HDAV’s Guest Wi-Fi is a free Wi-Fi solution that pays for itself. Guests are required to log in with either their social details or provide their name & email address. This not only helps your business stay 2010 digital economy act legally compliant by retaining details on who uses your internet, it also provides your with a powerful marketing tool to promote offers to drive repeat business.

Friendly Wi-Fi

HDAV is proud to support the ‘Friendly Wi-Fi’ scheme, the world’s first accreditation system designed to verify whether a business’ public Wi-Fi service meets a minimum level of filtering to block out access to pornographic and child abuse websites. The Scheme was initiated by the U.K. Government and is managed by the RDI Trade Organization.

Benefits of HDAV’s Guest Wi-Fi

  • Fully Branded to your business with your Logo and your welcome screen
  • With free Wi-Fi, customers stay longer and spend more money.
  • When your customers sign in with Facebook, they are asked to check in. promoting your business to all their like-minded friends.
  • As a Friendly Wi-Fi provider we can make your internet safe blocking out nasty websites like Pornographic content, block Malware, phishing and scam sites
  • You can target families with parents who like to meet after dropping the kids off at school – imagine the power of sending the perfect offer or event to the right person every time, and to all of their likeminded friends.

Getting Started

Using HDAV’s guest Wi-Fi in your venue is easy. We send you a new Wi-Fi router which plugs into your existing broadband and you’re almost done. We even provide Free Wi-Fi window and wall stickers.

It costs from only a few pounds per week and provides Safe, Professional Wi-Fi & has huge potential to increase revenues.

Most venues can be covered by just one Wi-Fi router, so keeping your costs to a minimum.

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